I am dedicated to finding positive solutions to improve our community and our state. I will be posting positive minded and solution based interviews with elected officials, highlighting places to see in Louisiana, and interviewing businesses and non-profits in our communities and our state. I will be connecting people with our elected officials through interviews done in a positive way to help to get to know them and to keep everyone informed with interviews of what is happening in their district and our state. Spotlighting and promoting industry and businesses in our communities and state will be my priority, since they are the economic engines providing jobs for our families and revenue for our communities. I will be working with people in our communities with their concerns and non-profits for their ideas and solutions to improve their communities and help their cause. And I will show places and attractions that make our state so unique. I want to help find ways to protect our assets that make Louisiana a great place to live and raise a family. So I will be looking for positive solutions to improve our neighborhoods and our state to bring more opportunities to Louisiana, so o ur children don’t have to keep leaving the state to find them. Please follow my platforms to find out about positive solutions to protect and improve our communities and Louisiana! Let’s work together to move Louisiana up on all the lists! And please keep in mind, the best way to improve the United States of America is to start with our own state and the communities in which we live.

A little about me…

* I have been involved publicly and in our community on many different levels…

* As a self-employed businessman for 33 years, I have owned and operated several of my own businesses, one of which I started when I was 18 is still around today 33 years later.

* I consult businesses with their sales and assist them in their marketing, so I believe in the free market, lower taxes, and less government.

* As a parent, I know the importance of putting our children first. And I have volunteered countless hours for many school programs and believe that education is a priority.

* I believe in and support many non-profit organizations in promoting their fund raising and awareness to help them in their endeavors to improve our communities. Non-profits are a great way to improve our communities, state, and our country. And they are a great way to help others and improve our community without the government.

* I love the United States of America and believe in our Constitutional Rights.

* My radio show has been on the air for 5 years, and I am using it to find positive solutions to improve our great state of Louisiana and the United States of America

Catch me live on the air at WGSO 990 AM or “live streaming” at WGSO.COM on Tuesday nights from 5pm to 6pm.


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