“I am dedicated to finding positive solutions to improve our Country by starting in our communities and State!”
– William Wallis
The William Wallis for America Show

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THE William Wallis for AMERICA SHOW

I have been self employed almost all of my adult life, while I have have started, owned, and operated one main business for 34 years, I have created many more and worked for some others. I love business and believe small businesses are the economic engine for our country and that Capitalism has provided the greatest amount of prosperity for the maximum amount of people in America. I started my radio show in 2014 out of my passion for and my love of America.  I wanted to talk about our great Country and what makes it the best Country on earth.  And I wanted to talk about my ideas and solutions to help save America from the wrong direction I thought it was headed.

Then came my revelation in 2019 after an unsuccessful run for office for Louisiana State Representative. I was the candidate that knocked on every door in my district and listened to everyone that wanted to talk. But I quickly realized several things. We have more in common than we realize. More of us want the same things in life. Most people feel divided in our own country. And many, many people are pushed away by the political climate so they don’t care, don’t know about what is going on, or are misinformed. So after my unsuccessful candidacy, I rededicated my show to finding things that unite us and inform us in positive ways that don’t push people away from learning about what is really happening in our Country.  I found that there is more that unites us than divides us.   And I started to point out those narratives in order to expose the truth.  So I changed course to find those things.

My ideologies and beliefs didn’t change, nor do they have to in order to find the things that unites us.  We don’t have to give up our beliefs or ideologies to find what we have in common. I believe in our Constitution as written and the vision of our Founding Fathers.  Our Bill of Rights should be Paramount to the narratives being used to destroy our Country.  And I believe in Freedom, Liberty, and Fiscal Responsibility.   But most importantly, respect for others whether I agree with them or not.  

Here on my platform, I’ll be doing interviews with elected officials to inform people, find things that unite us, and look for solutions, instead of ideologies. I’ll show great places to see that makes America great. I’ll talk with business, because they provide the economic engine that keeps everyone going…. and provides the places and things that enrich our lives. I’ll promote Non-Profits because they have motivated people that believe in something and provide support for people, places, and things in our communities, most of which are supported by their efforts and NOT government.  And we need less government in our lives.  A smaller government is better for America.  I’ll promote freedoms and liberties for everyone, especially those inspired by our Creator and protected in our Constitution. And I’ll promote fiscal responsibility in our government and all things American.  The best way to fix our Country is to start in our own communities and help each other.  




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